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When you need steel or aluminum material, we are the place to go. We stock steel and aluminum in a wide variety of shapes, such as flat bar, angle, channel, square and rectangle tubing, pipe, solid square and round, and much more. We carry smooth plate, diamond plate, and expanded metal as well. We can cut any of the material you need to size, so you are only paying for what you need for all standard items. Our suppliers deliver daily, so if we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we can get it!


Color Choices

Powder Coated Parts

We have a large variety of in stock colors, and we can also order custom colors upon request. Many people think that powder coating is only offered in plain or industrial colors, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are powder colors of all types: metallics, candies, hybrid colors, textured finishes, mattes, high gloss — the list is endless. Ask our powder coating specialists about the different grades and qualities available. Whatever product you choose, you can trust that we have the experience to handle your project.


Powder Coating

Custom Powder Coating Service

We do all of our own powder coating right here “in house.” With an oven size of 8’ X 8’ X 20’, there’s not a whole lot we can’t handle. We powder coat all the custom welding products we manufacture. We also provide powder coating services for other shops, as well as the general public. We blast and powder all types of things such as car and motorcycle frames, any kind of steel and aluminum parts, rims, etc. We do a lot of work for car and bike restoration projects. We can make old parts look new again. You can also have parts done at different stages. Get some things now and some later, but rest assured that the quality will remain consistently high throughout each phase of your custom powder coating services.

We have a 5 step pretreatment system that ensures the parts are ready to be sprayed. The powder is then electrostatically applied, and the parts baked in the oven. What emerges are beautiful parts and products that have a long lasting and durable finish. Form and function are a winning combination!


Refinish Work

We do a large volume of refinish work because we find it vastly benefits our customers. Instead of replacing old, peeling, and rusty wrought iron and aluminum components, gates, fences, and security doors, they can be blasted and refinished at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new products. Do you have railings, steel or aluminum doors and other decorative items on your home that are starting to look worn and unattractive? We offer a complete service that includes sending our team out to remove or pick up the products, make any necessary repairs, sandblast, rust proof, powder coat, delivery and reinstallation if needed. Why replace these items when they can be refinished to look like new? Call now to set up a free estimate.



Sandblasted Chairs

No steel and aluminum fabrication shop would be complete without a power house sandblasting facility. The first step in the finishing process of steel is blasting everything clean, removing salt buildup, rust, mildew, dust, and dirt. Steel from the mill will come with what is called a “mill scale” on it, a flakey coating that actually protects the steel from starting to corrode soon after completion. Once our products are fabricated, this mill scale must be removed in order to apply a long lasting, smooth finish. Our powerful sandblaster will take everything down to a uniform bare metal finish that we can powder coat over. We also use this process in our re-finishing work, to remove old paint, rust and corrosion. We can even blast aluminum products so they can be refinished to look like new.