Products - Railings, Gates, Panels, Stairs


Inside Railings

Custom Interior Railings

Of all the products we fabricate, we take the utmost pride in our custom wrought iron railings. We feel this is one of the most eye catching features in a home, adding beauty to any room. When it comes to design, we believe "if you can dream it, we can build it." From the most basic, budget minded railing, to our most ornate hand forged creations, all our products are built upon order to fit your specific home or business. Let our staff help you in the design process. Mix and match different ideas and finishes until you get the right feel and design you are looking for. We believe without a doubt that we offer the finest in wrought iron designs.

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Outside Railings - Masterful Exterior Railings

Custom Exterior Railings

Our outside railings vary as much our inside railing products. We offer basic budget-friendly railings to "get the job done" as well as ornate railings to enhance the beauty of your home.

Our outside railings are fabricated from heavy duty aluminum or steel. We have the unique advantage of offering aluminum railings that feature the same look as our wrought iron work. We can hand forge aluminum designs, a skill not very often seen in standard aluminum railings, giving us the unique ability to match our indoor and outdoor railings with the same motif and style. Our products are powder coated with a durable finish made specifically for salt water climates and installed using only stainless steel fasteners resulting in a beautiful product that will last for years. These great looking railings can be used for patios, balconies, porch steps, and fencing as well as strong enough to be used as a secure enclosure for pools and patios.

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Spiral Stairs

Custom Spiral Stairs

Spiral stairs are elegant and beautiful. They serve a great purpose in the space they have. Our spirals are not kits, but complete welded assemblies, built upon order and installed with the design and color of your choice. Let our design team work with you to achieve the look and functionality you desire!

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Walkway & Courtyard Gates

Walkway/Courtyard Security Gates

Walkway gates are both beautiful and functional. They can serve many purposes such as closing off an area you want to keep private, keeping your pets in an enclosed area, or simply as a decorative piece to give your home a finishing touch.

A variety of latches and locking mechanisms are available from the most basic latch to deadbolt locks; even electrical locks can be used. We also fabricate gates for inside your home as well.

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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

Ornamental driveway gates have been around for many, many years. We are proud to continue the old world styles that convey a sense of luxury as well as privacy. We fabricate single, double, rolling, and even custom folding driveway gates. Design choices are limitless and we can custom weld the size to fit virtually any driveway’s area. Our gates are fabricated from heavy duty aluminum, giving the appearance of traditional steel. Every part of the job is done in house, including the powder coated finish and installation by our own team of installers. Choose from classic Victorian styles or modern, contemporary options. We also work with local companies that provide a variety of gate openers.

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Wine Cellar Gates - Perfection from Beauty

Wine Cellar Gates

Many homes today are built with wine cellars. Whether they are used for wine storage or any other kind of storage, a nice wrought iron gate will enhance its beauty. Does your home have a specific theme, or are you striving to achieve a specific look? What’s ideal about our "wine cellar" gates is, like all of our products, they are also custom-made and fabricated. This gives you the advantage of choosing the style, look, and color you want. Let our staff assist you in designs and finishes that will make your gate look natural and fit right in with the style of your home.

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Wrought Iron Panels and Inserts - Intricate Designs

Wrought Iron Panels/Inserts

Ornamental inserts and panels are the kind of things you see in an opening or sometimes as wall art. Because our panels are custom made, there are many times when we can't compete with the price of mass produced items, however, our custom sizes and designs are worth a call to East Coast Ornamental Welding. Whether it’s an it’s a straight or arch style opening, you can be sure that wrought iron panels we build and install will convey a sense of unique craftsmanship, showing it was made for your home, and not just bought in any store.

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Security Products

We fabricate security doors and window bars that offer protection against break-ins. These products are made here to fit your specific application. With the many design options we have, these products can serve dual purposes of security and beauty.

Security Doors

Doors - Our security doors are quite unique in that they are heavy duty, beautiful, and offer a great sense of protection, allowing you to open your door when someone arrives but maintain a barrier between you and a potential intruder, giving you a sense of security. We build our doors upon order, custom made to fit your home. They are fabricated from steel or aluminum, and include the design and color of your choice. Also included are double keyed dead bolt locks and security fasteners, with options for screen and bug sweeps, so you can enjoy the weather while maintaining security. Our price includes everything from fabrication through installation.

Security Windows/Bars

Windows - Security bars give a great sense of relief when it comes to keeping intruders out of your home or business. Alarm systems are great, but they only go off when someone has already gotten in! Our security bars are custom built, heavy duty, and secured with tamper proof screws to fit your home. We build them with any design you choose, often times enhancing the beauty of your home. They also serve the dual purpose of being a great visual deterrent. We also offer them with an emergency exit for quick escape.

Miscellaneous Security Products - These products can be used for a wide variety of applications, depending on your needs and security concerns. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for functionally; we can offer you both.

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Miscellaneous Fabrication

Custom Fabrication - Table

We have the opportunity to build many different miscellaneous security products according to our customers’ requests. We have worked with hundreds of people who have brought us ideas, sometimes with nothing more than a sketch on paper, that we work from to fabricate the product. We work with our customers to make sure the final product is what they envisioned. We are proud to be skilled enough to take an idea and make it a reality. For examples of custom fabrication products that East Coast Ornamental Welding has produced, take a look at our Gallery page.

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