About Us - East Coast Ornamental Welding

Custom Wrought Iron Spiral Staircase

At East Coast Ornamental Welding, we take great pride in being a small company that makes a big difference in our community and to the people we serve. Founded in 2003, we put our faith in the belief that by serving the needs, desires, and visions of our patrons to the best of our ability, and conducting business in the most ethical way, we would ensure not only our survival, but our potential for future growth. Our commitment to superior customer relations and to the excellence of our products and services has proven to be effective. We see these results in the amount of repeat business we have earned, as well as our ever growing base of new customers.

We offer a large variety of styles and products that range from basic to custom design to fit your needs. Our list of custom fabrication products includes wrought iron and aluminum products such as inside and outside ornamental railings, spiral and curved staircases, walkway and driveway gates, security doors, window bars, wine cellar gates and much more. What makes us unique is that all of our products are built upon order and custom made to fit your home or business. In a time when craftsmanship is hard to come by and so many products are mass produced, we still offer hand forged wrought iron, beautiful designs, and professional finishes. See what can be done with a hammer, steel, and an open flame.


The entire process is done right here in our own shop.


Whether it's fabrication, powder coating, sandblasting, or installation, it is all done by our own team of employees. This ensures quality and consistency. It is our responsibility to make sure everything from the estimate through the final installation of our products is done correctly, so we can stand behind our work with pride.

We also provide many services that make us unique. Walk-in welding repair, steel and aluminum material sales, refinish work, sandblasting, powder coating, and misc. fabrication, just to name a few.

We not only have the knowledge and experience to do your job right, but also the desire. The opportunity to build some of the most beautiful and ornate work, has given us a keen appreciation of what can be done when we work together as a team.

We have been fortunate to be able to grow over the years, not only physically, but also in our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our team has grown, with new people that share our beliefs and our values. We believe the way to continued success is not only teaching the trade to our team members, but more importantly, having them share in the passion for the work we do, and the integrity to do it right.


"Take a look at what is possible from a small welding shop with a passion for being the best."